Major UBER Glitch -What's Trending!

Uber riders in a number of cities around the world on Wednesday were met with some stress-inducing sticker shock when noticing the price they’d been charged ended up getting massively inflated.

In what appeared to be a case of decimal points not being read by the ride-sharing system correctly, users ended up getting hit with huge fares that led to some black humor about the company’s surge fare pricing. For example,a $20.53 fare for one rider ended up turning into a $2,053 charge.

Uber called the problem that affected users in cities as far-flung as Paris, Washington DC and San Diego a known issue that’s now been fixed. Unfortunately, not before the problem also affected some users of Uber’s companion food-delivery service UberEats, with the problem maxing out at least one person’s credit card for a ride that was supposed to be $19.05 (but ended up generating a charge of $1,905!

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