Disneyland Offering 3-Day Park Tickets for SoCal Residents

If you've ever wondered what the best time of year is to visit Disneyland,  this is it!! This is an amazing deal!! Not to mention now is a great time for local SoCal residents to go to the park now that holidays are over and there will be less crowds which means shorter lines! 

Starting this Monday (Jan 7), SoCal residents can visit both parks with the three-day tickets: 

Three-day, one-park per day ticket at $179

Three day park hopper ticket for $234

There will also be special rates on hotel rooms! The SoCal resident deals will be available until May 20 and can be used either on three consecutive days or on three separate days.  The tickets will expire May 23.  Guests will have to show proof of SoCal residency.  Get your tickets HERE. 

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