GRAPHIC VIDEO: A Deadly End To a Police Chase Of a Stolen Motorcycle

According to reports, the LAPD were tracking a stolen motorcycle when the driver struck a car at an excessive speed.

At one point the driver of the motorcycle could be seen standing on top of the bike while going fast. A news report states the motorcyclist was going over 130mph.

Undercover Police officers noticed the motorcycle and its rider just after 1 p.m. “There was something that alerted the undercover officers, they ran motorcycle license and it came back as a confirmed stolen.” said a police source.

When officers attempted to pull the motorcyclist over he dipped from the scene. ”When he fled, a decision was made by the supervisors and the incident commanders that we would not pursue this motorcycle,” according to a Police report.

That's when the driver of the motorcycle hit over 100 miles per hour. Despite the police cruiser no longer tailing him, the police helicopter was still used to follow the driver.

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