Gen Z vs Boomers: Restaurant Etiquette. Tik Tok Sparks Debate Online

How do you leave a table at the end of your meal? Do you stack up your plates and place them on the edge of the table? Or do you leave it the way it was at the end of your meal? Depending on your answer, people may be able to tell what generation you are from! Tik Toker Sally Loeza compared Gen Z and Boomers based on how tables were left at the end of the meals. She filmed the first table (Gen Z) that was clean and tidy with the dirty dishes at the edge of the table, easy for the server to pick up and wipe down the table. And then she filmed the second table (Boomer). It was left the same as it was at the end of their meal, no clear evidence of cleaning up.

Check out the video below!

She clarified that she was not the server but instead one of the attendees at the younger generation table. She said that, "Even though it's not 'our job' it takes 5 seconds to pick up after yourself and requires 0 effort." Some said that the younger table was in the right. They also said that usually people under 30 do this for servers because they can more easily relate to that struggle. Some said it had nothing to do with age but instead upbringing.

What do you think? Which table was in the right? Was it about age or upbringing?

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