Trauma Dumping - What is it and are you doing it?

You know those people on your social media feed who seem to think that the Internet is their diary? In other words, they are way too open about their personal life and struggles. It can be enough to really turn some people off. There’s a term for this called “trauma dumping.”

What Is Trauma Dumping?

Mashable describes trauma dumping as the “oversharing, typically of distressing experiences, with people who haven't agreed to or aren't prepared to have that conversation.”

Why Do People Do It?

There’s a blurred line on social media of what personal information is ok to be shared. Usually when people share this depth of personal information with the world, they’re looking for sympathy, compassion, or community. The issue is that people on the receiving end may not know how to appropriately respond which sparks the debate, who is more insensitive — the person doing the "dumping" or the person who shames and is annoyed at the behavior.

Social media has done a good job of normalizing being open about your mental health. To counter this, it also encourages those who are finally ready to share such experiences and emotions, but might not be able to find or afford a therapist, to turn to strangers on the internet.

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