Items Only Washed Once A Year. Should We Be Washing Them More?

The other day I was looking at my bathroom valance thinking "when was the last time I washed that?" I quickly took it down as the dust storm came with it and threw it in the washer, it got me thinking though "what else have I been neglecting in the cleaning department?"

I did some searching online to see if I was the only one missing things turns out I'm not, but the stats on the sheets below is just plain gross! The one thing that caught my attention was my coats, which got dropped off at the dry cleaners when I read this!

A lot of people hate to do laundry, and will put off having to wash things as long as they can. Well, a new poll asked folks how often they wash various items, and you’ll be shocked by which ones get very few cleanings.

  • A new poll, which could easily translate here, asked folks which items they wash only once a year or less frequently
  • The item most likely to be washed about once a year is coats, with 38% of people admitting to that.
  • On the gross scale, 30% of people actually say they wash their bed sheets only once a year.
  • Other items folks rarely wash include:
    • Blankets (36%)
    • Cushion covers (33%)
    • Scarves (28%)
    • Gloves (25%)
    • Jeans (18%)
    • Suits (17%)
    • Sweaters (15%)
    • Pants (14%)
    • Hats (14%)
    • Hoodies (13%)