Why it's important to start asking Mom's how they are doing.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it certainly sounds like mom is in need of some extra pampering, because many are feeling like their lives no longer matter now that there’s a kid in the mix. 

The survey finds:

  • 58% of moms and pregnant women say they are usually asked about their child’s wellbeing before their own.
  • 20% of moms say they are rarely asked how they are doing at all.
  • For these reasons, 42% of women are feeling like they lost their identity when they became a mom.
  • 10% say it even happened as soon as they got pregnant. 

And feeling less than begins even before the baby arrives.

  • 49% of moms say people started asking about their child more than them during their pregnancy.
  • And it sounds like pretty much everyone is guilty of it.
  • Those most likely to ask how a child is doing before asking about the mom include:
    • Families (69%)
    • Friends (52%)
    • Partners (26%)
  • ONE MORE THING! To try and remedy this problem, FitTrack as launched the #AskHerHowSheIs Pledge, asking Americans to sign the pledge.