2021 Summer Trends Includes -- Revenge?

  • The end of the pandemic is coming as vaccines are becoming more readily available and that means this summer may be one for the books. Trends including Revenge - Revenge EVERYTHING! There’s going to be a lot of shopping, traveling, dating and all the fun and frivolous things people couldn’t do this past year. Expect to see travel bookings go through the roof this summer - luxury travel advisor Virtuoso is already reporting hotel bookings for June 2021 are up 146% over May. Loose denim- The debate over skinny jeans is far from over, but looser Gen Z-approved styles are gaining in popularity. Google searches for baggy jeans, straight jeans and wide leg jeans are way up from last year, showing people are looking to give their legs more breathing room. Hot Boomer summer- Boomers will be ready to party now that 65.6% of people over age 65 are fully vaccinated. Y2K Nails- Are the 90s back? They may be for some nail art fans. Searches forY2K nails are up 30 times on Pinterest over this time last year. So get ready to see tips with bright flowers, lava lamp patterns and colorful flames. Non-alcoholic drinks- While some folks boozed their way through the pandemic, lots of people are sober-curious and are now opting for cocktails made with low alcohol contents or none at all. Hosting from home - As more and more people get vaccinated, they’ll be ready to expand their COVID bubbles and entertain once again. Pinterest reports an 80% increase in searches for “furniture renovation” and a 33% increase in searches for “cleaning plan” so it seems like people are getting their homes ready for some summer soirees.