It's Time To Spring Clean The Wardrobe, But Where To Start?

Have a closet full of clothes, and yet have nothing to wear? Tips to help you figure out what to keep, toss and donate!

  • Does it still fit?”- This is an easy place to start because most of us are holding onto an item we hope will fit again someday. There’s nothing wrong with keeping something with sentimental value or clothing you look forward to re-wearing in the future, but those “goal” jeans from seven years ago? It may be time to let those go.
  • “Are there any stains?”- We all have that one piece of clothing that’s super comfy, but it’s reached its limit of stains, so you can never wear it out in public again. Sure, you could keep it to wear around the house, but at some point, you may have to call it on that front, too.
  • “Will I wear this more than once?”- It’s fun to buy something for a specific occasion, but if that was two years ago and you haven’t worn it since? You may want to rethink holding onto that sequin cocktail party dress.
  • “Can I wear this item next season?”- We love a trendy piece as much as the next girl, but is it really something you’ll continue wearing in the future? If it makes you feel good, keep it and rock it, no matter whether it’s “in” this season or not. But if it doesn’t make you feel confident or you stopped wearing it a while ago, you may want to donate it.
  • “Is it versatile?”- Instead of having a closet full of clothes that don’t work together, you may want to create a capsule wardrobe with versatile pieces.