How Service Workers Get Back At Rude Customers!

Rude lately? You may want to be a bit nicer! Check out what service workers admit doing to rude customers!

Ways folks got back at rude customers include:

  • "As a server, sometimes when rude customers ask for butter, I give them cold butter, even though I have room temperature butter, because I know the cold butter will rip up their bread."
  • "I under-blend their smoothies, so the little chunks block their straws."
  • "As a deli worker, when a customer is being a Karen, I'll squish the cheese together after I slice it, so it's impossible to separate later."
  • "As a barista, I give them decaf espresso shots."
  • "I work in a hotel. Late arrival guests didn't tip when I helped them with their luggage, so I phoned them in the middle of the night."
  • "I work at a grocery store. When rude customers don't wear a mask, I will spray fart spray in the aisle."
  • “As a flight attendant, for rude customers, I book their airplane seat on a 10-hour flight next to the bathroom."
  • "I used to double charge them, so they had to go wait in the customer service line to get a refund."