The better the wedding gift the better the meal? Yes for real!

Weddings can bring out the best and the worst! I read this and all I can wonder is, what was this couple thinking? When did it become an "honor" to be invited to a wedding? What has happened to character and class? Below is what was put on a wedding couple's RSVP.

The couple asked guests to let them know how much they would be giving as a gift so the couple could plan dinner options.

  • Those giving gifts up to $250 will get a choice of chicken or swordfish.
  • Gifts of $251 to $500 will also have the option of sliced steak or poached salmon.
  • Gifts of $501 and $1,000 will also be able to choose filet mignon or lobster tails.
  • And those who give between $1,001 and $2,500 (or even more) will fall into the “Platinum Gift” level and can choose any dish from the other levels or a two-pound lobster and souvenir champagne goblet.
  • It also notes that vegetarian and kosher meals are available at the Platinum Gift tier.

This would be one wedding invitation and RSVP that would be going in the trash! Allison