Do you think your work life will ever go back to normal?

A new survey finds:

  • Three-quarters of Americans are concerned that life will never return to normal following the coronavirus crisis.
  • When it comes to work, 36% say they are concerned they won’t be able to return to their normal work lives without putting their family at risk
  • In fact, 63% don’t expect their jobs to ever return to normal, with most expecting to work remotely through the end of the year.

When it comes to working from home

  • 67% of folks don’t think their employer understands how difficult it is to do when there are children at home.
  • 64% admit they aren’t as productive because of increased stress and anxiety.
  • When it comes to returning to the office, most workers expect there will be a lot of changes to adapt to.
  • Those changes include:
    • Companies will require employees to take their temperatures before entering (45%)
    • Companies will increase the use of virtual meetings (43%)
    • Companies will ban physical contact, like hugs or handshakes, to prevent the spread of germs (41%)
    • Companies will fully transition to remote work (38%)
    • Companies will sell bigger offices and downsize to smaller offices (33%)
    • Companies will decrease business travel (33%)
    • Companies will downgrade on social gatherings/celebrations (32%)
    • Companies will allow fewer visitors (30%) 

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