Miss Traveling? Check Out This Airport That Is Offering "Fake Flights" smh

  • A Tawainese airport launched a "fake flight" service for people
  • Fake passengers get to go through the motions of actually taking off somewhere 
  • People also get the chance to fake a landing on the plane
  • Over 7,000 people signed up to be a part of this fake travel package

The airport recently launched a unique "fake flight" service that gives sad would-be travelers the chance to go through the check-in and plane boarding procedures without actually taking off.

Songshan Airport introduced this service in which people get the full airport experience without the actual takeoff. The new fake flight service includes airport security checks, passport verification, the full check-in procedure, as well as the boarding of an Airbus A330 airplane. Cabin crew give passengers the usual instructions as well as some relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, and serve them snacks and coffee, before preparing them for the fake landing.

Over 7,000 people opted in, of which 180 were chosen for the first three tours. Happy travels!

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