This Creative Mom Turned Her Car Into Her Home Office Because Of The Kids!

  • Heather Konetmoved her workspace to her car parked in the driveway.
  • It gives her a quiet place to be on her 10 Zoom calls a day and helps save her sanity.

With her family of four all at home all the time, one mom found it too loud to get much work done, so she found a creative fix... in her car.Heather Konetis an engineer for Nissan and the coronavirus-induced stay-at-home routine meant she and her husband were both working from home and on video calls while trying to avoid their noisy kids. And when she couldn’t make it work, she started escaping to her car parked in the driveway.

The mom says it’s not unusual for her to have 10 Zoom meetings a day, as well as the regular emails and her engineering work that requires her complete focus. And while they have a home office, she explains that “it’s sized for one” and her husband uses it. Heather also says she was missing her commute and the 45-minutes she had all to herself in the car, so she decided to make it her zen space at home.

She doesn’t work out there all day, but she makes it work for hour-long sessions throughout the day and it’s helped save her sanity. “I’ve learned that we need to understand what each one of us needs to not just get through the day but to stay mentally healthy every day,” Heather explains. “For me, it was finding a space to call my own … even if it was in my driveway.”

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