Having More Nightmares Lately? Blame COVID-19

Having a hard time falling asleep lately and having more nightmares than usual? The reason could be COVID-19.

People are stressed more than ever. Loss of job, loss of hours, more people in one space for longer periods of time.

  • American's most commong nightmare is being chased (40%).

Other top nightmares include:

  • Falling (36%)
  • Being attacked (31%)
  • Running late for something (29%)
  • Lost/trapped somewhere (29%)
  • Waking up late (27%)
  • Someone you love is dying (27%)
  • Visited by a deceased loved one (26%)
  • Dying (24%)
  • Partner leaving you (24%)

How do you warrant off the nightmares? Exercise, cut out the caffeine, meditate, and find time to yourself.

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