Would You Be Mad If Someone Got Tattoos Of Your Kids Names?

Most people who get tattoos choose to get inked with something that’s very personal to them, but one mother isn’t at all happy about the recent tats her sister-in-law got, and the Internet certainly has something to say about it.

A mom recently shared on social media that she is upset because her sister-in-law got tattoos of the names of the mom's children. While some may find this sweet, the mom isn’t one of them, especially because she says the SIL has a “long-distance, limited relationship” with the kids, adding, "she is not a close beloved aunt.” The mom is also particularly upset that the SIL shared a picture of the tats on social media, hoping for attention and praise from the family.

The mom is so angry that she wants her husband to cancel an upcoming vacation to visit the SIL and the hubby’s parents, and admits she’s taking her anger out on her hubby. She adds, “Am I supposed to feel flattered? I feel like if anyone is going to tattoo my kids’ names on their body is should be me or my husband!"

  • As you can imagine, folks on the Internet had a lot to say about the situation, with many taking the mom’s side. "The tattooing is weird," one person commented. "Going limited or no contact with the offender makes sense to establish boundaries."
  • Meanwhile, others think the mother is going too far with the cancelation of a vacation. "Stopping them from seeing their grandparents? What did they even do?" one person questioned. "That seems like a severe overreaction; it’s a tattoo of a name. It doesn’t even affect her." 
  • In the end the mother said posting her story was “cathartic,” and realizes her SIL can do whatever she wants. She notes, “I’m still annoyed by the narcissism of it, but feel sad for her because she doesn’t have her own kids and maybe she never will.” 



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