Mean Ways People Dumped Someone! Some Of These Are Crazy!

Breaking up with someone is never easy, and while some people try to do it as gently as possible, there are definitely those who go in the exact opposite direction. Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the meanest ways they’ve ever dumped someone and to say they are harsh is an understatement.

The meanest ways folks dumped someone include:

  • “I left divorce papers on the kitchen table and took my stuff. My wife thought we were robbed. She called frantic until I asked her to look at the papers on the table.”
  • “I dumped my ex at my sister’s wedding which was six hours out of town for he and I. I probably did that the wrong way.”
  • “She cheated on me. So in the middle of the night I discreetly packed her things, put them outside and woke her up telling her there’s an emergency. The second she walked outside I locked the door. Case closed.”
  • “I screenshotted all his abusive messages to me and then sent them to his mother. I also asked her to tell him I was breaking up with him and to come get her POS. He found out when she got there.”
  • “I was such a horrible teen. I dumped my high school ex by sending him a text that I hooked up with his worst enemy.”
  • “I told a dude I was gay so he wouldn’t try and get me back after I dumped him.”
  • “I never actually dumped my ex I just blocked him on EVERYTHING and blocked his number too.”
  • “I boned my ex’s best friend and got caught on purpose. He was really awful and abusive. I hope it stung.”
  • “I sh*t in his brand new Jordans as a way of saying we’re done. He didn’t do much wrong he’s just boring and lazy and never took any of my advice.”
  • “I got my ex deported and that is how I ended things with him.”



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