There Are 4 Personality Types Which One Are You!

There are 4 personality types according to Scientific research, which one are you? 


Pretty self-explanatory—reserved personality types tend to be meeker, soft-spoken, and more hesitant to share their thoughts and feelings or step up as leaders in any given situation. They tend to have fewer neuroses but are more introverted and agreeable.


Again, no big surprises here. Those with the self-centered personality type care less about other people’s thoughts and feelings and often don’t consider them in their decision-making. They tend to be extreme extroverts who are less open and agreeable than other types.


Role models are the leaders and mentors of the world, the ones who aren’t afraid to step up and take charge, setting a good example for those who look up to them. They’re conscientious, thoughtful, and open with the world around them, making them great to be around.


By the name, you might assume more people have this personality type than any other, and that’s likely the case. Average people tend to be highly neurotic and pretty extroverted while managing to keep a distance from people around them.



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