Would You Have These Procedures Done?

Odd plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Fake Dimples – Not born with adorable dimples on your face? Well, apparently the plastic surgeon can fix that.
  • Six-Pack Sculpting – Why spend hours in the gym trying to get a six-pack, when a plastic surgeon can flatten out the stomach and then etch lines in the abdomen to make it look like you have great abs.
  • Belly Button Surgery – Apparently a lot of people with outies want to join the majority and get an innie.
  • Eye Implants and Eyelash Transplants – Don’t like your eye color? Well you can get a silicone-based eye implant that will change it for you. You can also get an eyelash transplant if you want more luscious lashes.
  • Asian Blepharoplasty – A procedure that’s popular amongst Asian women, it can make someone looked more “bright-eyed' by creating an eye that appears larger.
  • Knee Lift – The procedure removes saggy skin from the knees in order to make them look more youthful.
  • Ear pointing – Is just as it sounds, designed to make people look permanently like a pixie.
  • Tongue splitting – Doctors can split the tongue down the middle to make you look like a lizard.
  • Palm Line Modification – It surgically changes the lines on your hand. It’s popular in Asian cultures which believe it could change fate.
  • Scrotox – Is just what it sound like, Botox for the scrotu


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