A New Game That Encourages Our Kids To Go Missing

Radio audience I'm going to be blunt with you..This new "game" is beyond messed up.  I use the word "game" lightly, when I think of the word "game" I think of Pie Face and Monopoly, not "go missing and make every person who has ever invested their love and life into yours be worried and scared to death."  

Good old Facebook, you know the social media sight we moms stay in touch with our friends and family, show off our kids once in while, try to stay away from the political stuff, but usually get wrapped up into a subject- has turned their social media platform into a numbers game which is creating unnecessary heartache in our lives and teaching our kids a different perception of reality. 

Facebook realizes they are losing an entire generation of users to other social media platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat, and so they (Facebook) doesn't become a Myspace (who?) they have created a new sick game called the "48 Challenge"  Here is a short version on how it works:

**Taking the 48 Challenge invites kids to hide from their parents and loved ones for as long as possible.  Every mention the 'missing' person gets on a social media platform increases their score in the game. Those participating also get more points the longer they manage to go unfound by friends or family. 

So now I get to talk to my kid about, and have action plans in place for  bomb threats,  shootings, when she  goes to a concert she sits by the closest exit possible, human trafficking and social media "games" and can't forget the latest roll out from Instagram- VIP Instagram accounts within Instagram.

Good Luck Parents.  I'm right there with you.   Allison 

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