Words That Are Always Mispronounced

Most of us argue over the proper pronunciation of words.'Expresso' and 'perscription' are two of the most common.37% of us have listed mispronunciations as a top pet peeve of our spouses.

Have you ever found yourself in a debate with someone over how to pronounce a specific word? The kind of debates that are even better at a bar when people are slurring their words to begin with?

Buzzfeed recently asked people to list the mispronunciations that annoy them the most. See where you weigh in on these:

Expresso vs. Espresso

Realtor vs. Realator

February vs. Febuary

Jewelry vs. Jewlery

Especially vs. Expecially

Verse vs. Versus

Etcetera vs. Excetera

Sherbet vs. Sherbert

You can click HERE to see which pro-NUNCE-iations (or do you prefer pro-NOUNCE-iations) people prefer, but we won't keep you in suspense.

Source: Buzzfeed



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