Peeps Coffee Creamer Is A Thing And Sounds Marshmallow-y Sweet

For all the coffee lovers, there are so many different creamers you can try. From Reese's to Oreo to Dove Dark Chocolate Almond- there's so many great flavors out there. Here's the latest creamer you're going to want to try: Peeps coffee creamer.


International Delight has introduced Peeps coffee creamer and if you're wondering if it's like the chicken and bunny-shaped Easter candy, yes, yes it is. International Delight describes the new product on their site: "Now hatching! New PEEPS® Brand creamer. It’s sweet, marshmallow-y and yellow."

Even the bottle is adorable! The new coffee creamer is now available at major retailers and each 32-ounce bottle costs $3.79. 



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