You Need A Reservation Now To Visit Disney World In Orlando!

  • Disney World in Orlando just announced their new Disney Park Pass System
  • Park goers will now be required to make a reservation before visiting the park
  • Due to space limitations, park hopping is not allowed, and guests can only make a reservation for one park per day

I wonder if you don't keep your reservation if they keep your money?

Walt Disney World in Florida is set to re-open July 11th, but travelers won’t be able to just pick up and head to the park. Instead, in addition to tickets, they’ll need a reservation to get in. 

Disney just announced their new Disney Park Pass System, which, when it opens, will require park goers, including those with an annual pass, to make a reservation before they can go to any of the four Disney parks. The system will be available on the Disney website, and folks will have to register through a My Disney Experience account. Anyone with a multi-day ticket will have to make a reservation for a park, and tickets between family and friends will be able to be linked so they can get reservations on the same day.

One of the biggest changes with the reservation system, at least for the time being, is that park hopping won’t be allowed. Due to attendance limitations, guests will only be allowed to select one park per day. Disney notes that they “hope to bring back the ability to visit more than one park per day soon.” Those who paid extra for park-hopping ability will receive a reimbursement.

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