FYI - - Black Widow Spider Bites Won't Turn You Into Spider-Man!

May want to give your a kids a heads-up, being bitten by a black widow spider won't turn you into Spider-Man.

  • Three young brothers were hospitalized after getting a black widow spider to bite them
  • The boys thought it would turn them into Spider-Man
  • The boys were successfully treated at three different hospitals a week after being bitten

The three siblings, aged 12, 10 and eight, found the spider while herding goats in Chayanta. Thinking it would give them superhero powers, they prodded it with a stick until it bit each of them in turn. 

Finding them crying, their mom rushed them to a nearby health center, which transferred them to a nearby hospital. Then they were transferred a third time, taken to the Children’s Hospital in La Paz the next day with fevers, tremors, and muscle pains. There, they were successfully treated and discharged last Wednesday, almost a week after they were bitten.

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