Workplace Romances Are Declining Because Of The Apps

Relationship Goals

Let’s be real – workplace romances didn’t really kick into gear until women started actually entering the workplace. It wasn’t until maybe the ’70s that people started to get the hots for people they work with on the regular. Dating apps kind of saved the day when it came to looking for partners in other places – not where you work all day every day.

According to the University of Michigan, workplace romances have seriously declined since dating apps became a thing, and it’s probably because we’re finding other ways to get our sexual frustrations out without hitting on our coworkers in the break room. While surveys used to show that most relationships started in the office, they’re now showing that we’re meeting people on the apps.

All of that said – workplace romances have probably taken even more of a turn in the past few years with the rise of #MeToo. We’re thinking twice about sex and consent in the office. And I think we can all agree it’s for the better.


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