April Fools Day, a day set aside for the nice people of the world to be pranksters, for the rest of us? Well it's just another day.  How many like to prank all year round or when the opportunity arises?  That's Me!  If you need some help with pranking, here are some fun and easy ideas.

1) Page youself over the intercom.

2) Make up nicknames for all your co-workers and refer to them only by these names.

3) Send emails out every hour telling everyone in your office exactly what your doing.

4) Move The Office Furniture around.

5) Put a chair facing the printer than sit there and tell people your waiting for your document.

6) Put decaf in the coffemaker for a couple weeks, once everyone has withdrawn from the caffeine addiction, switch to espresso.

7) Page employees who know longer work in your office over the intercom.