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The guys of Cash Cash have been incredibly busy. Their single "Take Me Home" featuring Bebe Rexha blew up on the radio, they released their "Overtime" EP, and they are constantly on the road bringing their music to their fans. But it doesn't look like the guys are slowing down anytime soon.

Cash Cash tells iHeartRadio they have a busy year ahead of them. "Work on a new single, bring out some new songs. We just got a residency in Vegas so we’re gonna be at Marquee once a month for the next year. Just a lot of new music coming out next year."

While they were in New York City, the group stopped by iHeartRadio HQ where they talked about everything from their beginnings to Sonic the Hedgehog to turtle wrangling! They also told us the top three reasons to take them home.

Check out what else the guys had to say and Top Three with Cash Cash below:


How you guys got together – you were in a band first, right?

Samuel: Yeah, we actually all grew up together. Me and JP have known each other since we were in third grade. JP and Alex are brothers. We all grew up in a small town, [and] we basically learned how to play music together. We started out playing in like cover bands, playing Nirvana covers and stuff. Then we got into production, we started producing our own music, writing our own music, recording and then from that – we went into remixing. Then from there we kind of just took off. We started to put out some more original music and got into the dance music world from that.

Where does the name Cash Cash come from?

Long story – when we were playing in local bands growing up you never think to trademark your name. So we were out doing our thing, selling shirts, selling CDs and we’re all doing stuff under this name. And then who would’ve thought then we got a record deal and then they were like "did you guys trademark the name?" And we were like, "What? What is that?" Then we were getting all these legal notices. So we had to change the name and it was this whole ordeal. We were like "what are we gonna name the band?" And I’m like let’s just name it Cash Cash, everyone’s after all our Cash, we don’t even have any. Like we had this agent trying to come after us at the time, we were getting cease and desist letters and all that stuff, and at the time we had a song called "Cash Cash." 

What was the first song of yours that you heard on the radio and how did you guys feel to hear it on the radio the first time?

We heard "Take Me Home" which was crazy. It was awesome. It was a crazy feeling we were all just like "oh my god!" It’s really one of those moments you’re like, "wow!"

You’ve remixed a lot of big pop stars. If you could pick a pop star today to remix who would you pick?

Probably a Daft Punk song to be honest.

No Beyonce, no Miley Cyrus?

Yeah I mean I’m trying to think a Beyonce song would be dope because her vocals are amazing. Justin Timberlake would be wild. We like people that have really unique voices like you know we did a Kelly Clarkson remix. That was dope because it’s just really great like getting her vocals, like really fun to work with. Someone like JT would be awesome cause his vocals are so cool.

You also contributed to Sega and Sonic. How did you guys get into that?

JP: You know we’re just big video game fans growing up, and then it was one of those things that just kind of came out of no where. A sudden it was like wait – we got an email from Sega saying they want us to remix this stuff, and we were like "oh man is this real and it said" Alex had a heart attack cause he’s a real big sonic fan.

Sam: Yeah he already knew how to play like half the songs already on the piano so it was amazing.

JP: That was great it was apart of history it was for the anniversary game.

If you had to choose a song title to describe your group, an existing song or a song title, what song would you pick?

"Overtime" describes us pretty well. We are always working overtime that’s for sure. But at the same time I would have to say "Get Lucky" cause we really get lucky all the time. You know in and outside of the workplace. You know what I mean!

Since you guys travel a lot, what do you miss the most about your hometown while you’re away?

Sometimes the local food is nice you know. We're Jersey Boys so I definitely have a taste for high quality delis! Greasy meats and Italian food. Greasy meats nobody can pronounce correctly. And we miss a nice home cooked meal, but besides that we love traveling, so.

Do you guys have any hidden talents?

JP is a turtle wrangler. Follow his instagram @JPCashCash. He’s got pictures of him diving in the ponds, digging out turtles and stuff.

JP: I ripped out like a 45 pound snapping turtle once@

 Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio