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(Yahoo!) - *Cue girls screaming* UK boy band One Direction has released the official trailer for their upcoming 3D movie One Direction: This Is Us. Like many pop star docs, the film will feature behind-the-scenes high jinks, embarrassing moments, meeting their families and tearful heart-to-hearts.

But let's get real: what do we really care about in this movie trailer? The Tumblr-worthy moments.

Here are some moments that stand out in the This Is Us trailer that will be hard to unsee. You can thank us later.

Harry Styles Getting Pantsed

Young guys can be so cruel. It's bad enough to get pantsed in class or in the school hallway, but to get pantsed in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans? Just the thought of it makes us want to curl up and die a little inside. With everything that Harry Styles gets himself into, this is one shenanigan that is can't be blamed on him. But the best part is bandmate Niall Horan wanting nothing to do with thatsmart man. Note to self, never stand in front of Liam Payne.

That One Direction Shimmy

Werk it out, boys! You can already see who the star of this trailer is. Shuffling around shirtless in slippers with socks, Styles has torso moves like Gumby. If this boy band thing doesn't work out, the singer might have a future at Chippendales. Maybe he can pull a Channing Tatum and go full circle from dancer to action star.

The harmless highlights include cute baby photos of the boys and a touching moment when Zayn Malik is on the phone with his mother after she sees the house he bought her. Sweet, but not as fun to gif.

One Direction: This Is Us is slated to be released on August 30 to elated teen girls everywhere.