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It was the performance everyone was anticipating, and Miley Cyrus’ set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Village exceeded all expectations. Hitting the stage in a body-conscious white hot pant combo, the controversial singer was flanked by dancers in rainbow and mushroom costumes and twerking little people, setting the scene for a tongue-free psychedelic wonderland.

gif by Roger Kisby

Starting off with “We Can’t Stop,” Miley delivered a powerful performance – her first since splitting with fiancé Liam Hemsworth – and quickly went into the anthem, “Party in the USA” before touching on "Look What You've Done to My Song," a Melanie Safta cover. But the emotional peak hit when she serenaded the audience with “Wrecking Ball,” her first live performance of the song to date, which captivated the enthralled crowd and moved her to tears – mascara running and all.

Compelling, emotional and ultimately satisfying, Miley delivered on all fronts and proved that there is substance and talent to go along with her irreverent style.

Photos by Ian Witlen

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