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Flo Rida is known for making bona fide hip-pop hits. His last album, Wild Ones, spawned the top ten club bangers "Good Feeling," "I Cry," and the title track featuring Sia, as well as #1 single "Whistle."

Flo is known not only for having something of a golden touch when it comes to hits, but also for his high-energy performances and A-list collaborations. Enter Pitbull. Mr. 305 joins Flo Rida on his latest single, "Can't Believe It" - a song from his upcoming album, The Perfect 10, due out later this year. 

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"We're from Miami - you know hot beaches, hot women," Flo Rida says of the inspiration for the new single, which was also partly inspired by Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." He also says he's constantly influenced by the artists around him. "Artists from Miami that are doing very well such as Rick Ross, such as my man Pitbull – they inspire me to keep going as long as they're going. I’m self motivated, but just to see them, it makes me work ten times harder. Shout out to [Pitbull] for helping making this record what it is."

But the story behind where the song was recorded is even more inspired. "The coincidence was the fact that I recorded this record inside the same studio Michael Jackson did Thriller out in L.A., and then I got Pitbull's verse back and he said something about Michael Jackson, not even knowing that I had recorded this whole record until I worked with him. That was something that stood out. The acoustics in that room were so crazy... they had speakers on the ceiling! I’ve never seen this in any studio, where the speakers are up in the ceiling - he used to lay down on the floor and listen to the music. I had to lay down just to get the feeling."

Flo Rida stopped by the iHeartRadio Headquarters while he was in New York recently, and in addition to talking to us about his new single and upcoming album, he also let us in on the significance of a few of his many tats. Check out Tattoo Stories with Flo Rida below.

On his first tattoo:

"My first tattoo... I got it about eight years ago," Flo tells iHeartRadio. "Jimi Hendrix. I was wondering, 'What will the pain be like?' I was super nervous. And if I did get a tattoo, it had to be someone worthy. Jimi Hendrix... I’ve always been a fan of his work - [he's a] rock star legend. When he's performing, he's just electrifying, and I'm always trying to captivate my fans, not just with the records, but when I'm performing as well." 

Flo Rida admits it wasn't a walk in the park. "I remember sitting there, putting this numbing cream on, trying to stop the pain. My boys went and bought me some lemon pepper chicken wings to throw me off. I don’t even like going to the doctor to get shots!"

His thoughts on Andre 3000 portraying Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming biopic:

"I look forward to it. I look forward to watching it. Andre's definitely a legend within himself as well, and a lot of us artists have been inspired by great singers. I think he’ll do a great job."

On having artists who have inspired him inked on his chest:

"I have Tina Turner - I have her whole body. And I have James Brown, Ray Charles. I went to the library and stayed there for hours and hours. [The tattoo artist] was like, 'We gotta make sure we go to the library, sit down. You gotta really think about this; it’s something that you're gonna have for life,' and that’s what I did with every tattoo."

On the tattoo that caused him the most pain:

"This one right here (points to the inside of his right wrist). It's a verse from the Bible. I guess in this area right here there's a lot of veins... it was so much pain. Veins brings pain!"

Flo Rida says he's done with the ink... for now anyway. "No more tats, I'm done," he says. "Unless... you never know!"

Photos by Shelby Case