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(Yahoo!) - Talk about a hard act to follow: Korean rapper Psy broke the billion mark on YouTube in 2012 with his viral smash "Gangnam Style." Now, he's finally taken the plunge and introduced his follow-up, a single called "Gentleman" which was released globally Friday.

Psy's original intent was to debut the song in his native South Korea, and then the rest of the world a day later. But he isn't known as the "King of YouTube" for nothing--the song was leaked and spread faster than one could say "Oppa."

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is, does the new tune gallop like "Gangnam"? General consensus around the Web is that Psy hasn't strayed far from what worked (very well) for him. "Gentleman" has a driving beat, a repeated catchphrase ("mother father gentleman"), and Korean words that will doubtlessly have nonspeakers scratching their heads.

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